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It’s Really Happening!

Do you have a list of “somedays”? You know, like “someday I’ll travel outside the country” or “someday I’ll go hiking on that famous mountain trail”. Some people do, and one of my somedays was to write a cookbook. I always figured it would be way far into the future, probably after I had run my restaurant for a while. When everything got shut down, I figured I had some time to sit and sort through my recipes, pick out the good ones, re-work the ones that didn’t hold up and maybe start organizing them into fun collections. I’m so proud of what came of a goofy name brainstorming session, my Cauldron Collection. I’ve got them all sorted and tied together (I was very grateful for my time I spent in a butcher’s shop when it came to the tying) and ready to be sent to their new homes on the day of launch, 3/17! Don’t fret though, I’m hoping that after I’ve gotten all my recipes together to still put them into a big ol’ cookbook.

Would you guys like to get together to celebrate with me? I’m thinking of streaming on Facebook live to make dinner and celebrate with everyone who has been so supportive of my culinary adventures. Maybe even complete with a giveaway. 😉

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