Hi! I’m Mack, and I love food. I particularly love good food.

A groundbreaking concept, I know. 

However, good doesn’t necessarily mean always the healthiest, or always the most organic, or always the most convenient. Good food feeds your body the fuel it needs to run, sure, but it feeds your soul too. You can’t tell me that after eating your favorite food, or some food that Grammy used to make, that you don’t *feel* the magic of good food. We laugh? Food. We cry? Food. The magic of good food is quite frankly, irreplaceable, and my goal is to make it so that everybody knows how to create, eat, develop a positive relationship with good food.

After years of being in kitchens (both home and professional), I am proud to share what I’ve learned to anyone who is willing to learn! I’ve buffed out the edges to bring you fresh recipe cards, snack mixes, granola, and good old-fashioned goofiness. There’s something for everybody!

I’m hoping to bring some good food from our little kitchen to you. 

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