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Don’t miss out!

Friendly reminder that we’re having a giveaway on our page to celebrate the release of my Cauldron Collection, ending 3/17! Go take a look at our post “Fun on a Bun!” for details and to enter.

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Fun On A Bun!

Our sweet nugget was particularly helpful while I was preparing our recipe cards for launch. With our recipe card launch rapidly approaching, I thought it might be fun to do a giveaway and livestream! On 3/17, join me and the family as I make dinner and drinks over on Facebook live. Shenanigans start at 5PM EST. Since it’s my Grammy’s birthday, I’ll be making her chicken paprikash recipe! Want to win a free e-version of our Cauldron Collection? Go over to our social medias for more details!

Not on social media? Not to worry! Just be sure to 1. like this post, 2. follow our blog, and 3. share our page with someone who you think would love our recipes! Doing these 3 things will enter you into our raffle for a free pdf download that I’ll e-mail to you upon your win! I’ll announce the winner at the end of the livestream. If you are on social media, and want an extra chance of winning, follow the instructions for being entered on the blog too!

You can enter our giveaway for up to 3 entries! 1 – The Blog 2 – Facebook 3 – Instagram

Good luck!

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It’s Really Happening!

Do you have a list of “somedays”? You know, like “someday I’ll travel outside the country” or “someday I’ll go hiking on that famous mountain trail”. Some people do, and one of my somedays was to write a cookbook. I always figured it would be way far into the future, probably after I had run my restaurant for a while. When everything got shut down, I figured I had some time to sit and sort through my recipes, pick out the good ones, re-work the ones that didn’t hold up and maybe start organizing them into fun collections. I’m so proud of what came of a goofy name brainstorming session, my Cauldron Collection. I’ve got them all sorted and tied together (I was very grateful for my time I spent in a butcher’s shop when it came to the tying) and ready to be sent to their new homes on the day of launch, 3/17! Don’t fret though, I’m hoping that after I’ve gotten all my recipes together to still put them into a big ol’ cookbook.

Would you guys like to get together to celebrate with me? I’m thinking of streaming on Facebook live to make dinner and celebrate with everyone who has been so supportive of my culinary adventures. Maybe even complete with a giveaway. 😉

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Hello there!

Hi! I’m Mack, and I love food. I particularly love good food. A groundbreaking concept, I know. 

However, good doesn’t necessarily mean the healthiest, or the most organic, or the most convenient. Good food feeds your body the fuel it needs to run, sure, but it feeds your soul too. You can’t tell me that after eating your favorite food, or some food that Grammy used to make, that you don’t *feel* the magic of good food. We laugh? Food. We cry? Food. The magic of good food is quite frankly, irreplaceable, and my goal is to make it so that everybody knows how to create (and eat) good food. 

I started something called Kasia’s Cave a little while after the pandemic started. It was a little food diary to keep me busy after being laid off from my job in a commercial kitchen. A way to show my friends that I was still studying and creating, albeit at home. I studied food psychology for a little while, and it clicked. That was it. I’ve always known I’ve wanted to feed people good food (though my original plan was a restaurant, we’re not quite there yet), but now I knew I had to come up with a good way to do that from afar. I started posting more regularly, wrote some recipes, made a few videos, all while managing a kiddo at home with remote learning and my husband working from home. If some food photos, maybe a how-to here and there, or some of my favorite recipes made even 1 person more likely to dive into the wonderful world of good food, and kept me sane during all of this, I’m all in. 

This brings me to the second part of this revamp. Being a high risk individual, I’ve been really careful during the pandemic. Only go out for supplies when we need it, and only if I know I can find it. Masks always, and wash your hands religiously. While doing all this, I was trying to use some of the staples we had sitting in the back of the pantry for rainy days. The boys and I were all home for 3 meals a day, 7 days a week, and it now included snacks! So, I got a little creative. I made anything and everything that the boys would eat, and tried not to make the same thing a bunch of days in a row, to break up the already tough monotony. Want a snack that you can switch up easily, make quickly, and keep several generations happy? Granola. Got some chocolate chips? Throw it in. Nuts that have been sitting on the baking shelf since cookie season? Throw those in. Dried fruits that need rotated out of the emergency stock? Throw. Them. In. It was flexible, easy, touched on all of the macro-calories, and most importantly, it tasted good. 

Luckily for you guys (and them) I’ve buffed out the edges on my recipes to bring you fresh small batch granola and snack mixes to give you something relatively wholesome and definitely delicious to munch on. Great for gifts, even better to stock the pantry. I’m hoping to bring some good food from our little kitchen to you.