Spyro’s Spotted Chicken

Chickens and Spotted Chickens are fodders that appear in Spyro the Dragon – used as a health boost in the form of noshes for Sparx, your dragonfly companion. While Spyro may prepare them extra extra well done, we’re going to dress it up a just a smidgen! This is a very plain recipe because IContinue reading “Spyro’s Spotted Chicken”

Adventurer’s Snack-Sacks! (A Fan Recipe)

Have you ever read Rutabaga: The Adventure Chef by Eric Colossal? WE LOVE Rutabaga and his awesome adventures, and we also love the food he makes! I’ve been working on turning the fictional foods into real-life recipes, and this one was a winner! A delicious meat-filled hand pie, perfect for the on-the-go explorer! Also, aContinue reading “Adventurer’s Snack-Sacks! (A Fan Recipe)”